Tracing back from Scotish / English heritage this is a Celtic tradition. The bride and grooms hands are held and a ribbon is draped around them, bounding them from individuals to now a new couple in marital unity. A nice poem or meaningful words can be said by the Celebrant or the Bricde and Groom. The ribbon is generally conducted at the end of the ceremony and is a keep sake for the couple.
What is required:
* Ribbon of your choice or an alternative piece of material long enough to bound the hands
This ceremony symbolises a new beginning. With the releasing of the Doves mutually from a basket and into the sky really is a wonderful and captivating experience and memory for yourselves and your guests. It will also be a fantastic photo opportunity.
What is required:
* Contact your Celebrant and request a quotation and advise how many Doves you would like released.
This is a really fun ceremony to perform, especially for the Wine lovers and will definately soothe those nerves!
This ceremony involves the pouring of 2 bottles or glasses of wine (favourite of each the Bride and Groom) and is poured into a wine decanter. The two wines are combined and then are poured into two glasses for the Bride and Groom where the Bride and Groom will then take a sip or (sips) from their glasses.
This ceremony symbolises how the Bride and Groom are two people and come with different personalities and likes, however as a couple, they are to respect each persons likes regardless if they dont enjoy it themselves. Basically you are combining the 2 souls into 1 and starting a new chapter.
What is required:
* Two glasses
* Two different types of wine
* A wine decanter
* Table with linen (Celebrants table is fine)
This is a great ceremony to conduct and have the Mothers involved. This is when the two mothers of the Bride and Groom take a candle each and light a main candle which the couple will keep. This is symbolic of the two families uniting as one.
What is required:
* 2 long candles
* 1 main candle for lighting
* Ligher or matches
This is a fun and light hearted ceremony that is conducted by the Bride and Groom in front of their guests after they have said their vows. The Bride and Groom take a photo on the polaroid of each other to record their exact feelings / expressions on their face at that particular time. Although there is a professional photographer, this is one of those photos they can not print immediately and can be passed around the guests and placed on the signing book afterwards. Its a good way to relax the ceremony, have a laugh and a great memory by all.
What is required:
* Polaroid camera with polaroid paper
This is a great ceremony where you can include the children whether it be kids together or kids from separate relationships. This is where a Child/s and/or Bride and Groom have a smaller vase each with a gold fish each inside the water. Then at the same time they all pour the water and goldfish into an empty centre vase / bowl. This symbolised the unity of the family and will be a great moment for the children to be involved in and then look after the fish thereafter. A great family photo opportunity.
What is required:
* Gold fish - 1 per person involved with the ritual
* Glass vase (1 per gold fish)
* Large empty centre vase / bowl
* Celebrants table
* An adult to hold the vase and take home after the ceremony
This ceremony is a rather popular ritual and symbolises the uniting of the Bride & Groom. It identifies that the two individuals come as one and join together. Two different colours are chosen (one for each the Bride & Groom) and as they are poured toegther into a centre vase, it then symbolises that they can not be separated like the sands in the vase, they can not be separated to their own separate colours again.
What is required:
* Two coloured sands
* Two pouring jars
* One centre vase / Jar
* Celebrants table
This ceremony entails the exchanging of a rose each as the couples say their vows. The roses are kept in a vase before and after and the roses are kept and dried as a keep sake of their day.
What is required:
* 2 roses
* Vase
This is a fantastic ceremony when you wish to involve certain family members or the bridal party or even grandparents. A body of water or nearby lake, river, ocean or well etc is at the location and each person holds a wishing stone. Each person says out loud what their stone is and then follows on with their wish for the couple. Once said, they toss their stone into the water and await for each person to complete. This is like a gift or wish for the Bride & Groom.
What is required:
* Wishing stones
* Nearby body of water or similiar
This ceremony can be done in numerous ways, however the best one i like is all the guests either seated or standing are handed a shell either upon arrival or during ceremony. They are to hold the shell and write their name on the shell in black permanent marker and all the shells are collected after the ceremony and placed into a jar for a keepsake. It is a memory of each and every person that shared in your special day.
What is required:
* Shells
* Jar
* Permanent marker
As the Wedding ceremony begins, the Celebrant will advise your guests at the beginning about the Warming of the Rings ritual, this is when the Best Man will hand the rings around (the rings tied together on a ribbon) to the last person at the back of the room and will ask each person from back to the front to please hold the rings (warm the rings) in their hands as they make a wish for the couple, it passes along to the next person and eventually will make it to the last person at the very beginning in front of the Bride & Groom.
The Celebrant will then call upon the person holding the rings to come forward when its time for the Bride & Groom to exchange their rings and this makes this part of the ceremony very special as each and every person there will have warmed and blessed those rings.
What is required:
* The wedding rings
* Ribbon
This ceremony is a great keep sake and involves each guest. Upon sitting down, an usher or family / friend will hand each person a paper note and a pen. Each guest is to write a message or wish, roll it up and place it in the box. The Bride & Groom can either open it together that night or wait until their 1st wedding anniversary.
What is required:
* Wishing box
* Note paper (small in size)
* Pens or pencils
This ceremony is a beautiful and meaningful ceremony, you are releasing live butterflies into the wild symbolising new beginnings, freedom and happiness. This is really a captivating experience for the Bride and Groom and all the guests and makes wonderful photo opportunities.
What is required:
* Live butterflies (Celebrant will organise at market / seasonal costs)
Should you require further information about the above ceremonies or have one of your own that you would like to use, please contact me to discuss - we can perform what ever you choose.
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